InfraChallenge is an innovation competition aiming to accelerate the global infrastructure industry

What is InfraChallenge?

InfraChallenge 2020 is an inaugural innovation competition organised by the Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) that invited applicants to pitch transformational ideas, tackling the big infrastructure issues.  

The contest focuses on digital solutions for a current or future economic or social infrastructure issue.

The GI Hub is an independent organisation, established by the G20 in 2014 to connect the global infrastructure community and share insights to facilitate delivery of G20 members’ economic, social and environmental outcomes through more and better infrastructure.

Why are we running InfraChallenge?

Traditionally, the infrastructure industry has been slow to capitalise on digital innovations. 

With global megatrends like urbanization and population growth, climate change and digitisation the time is ripe for infrastructure issues to be disrupted by digital ideas.

Whether it’s how 5G or the Internet of Things will fundamentally change how we live in our cities, or the greater availability of data and big data analytics for informed decision making, InfraChallenge 2020 is about unlocking digital ideas, solving big infrastructure issues, and bringing disruption to the industry to better prepare us for the future.

What will the winner receive?


The InfraChallenge winner will receive:

  • $AUD 50,000 funding package to implement the digital solution
  • Needs assessment by MIT Solve to further develop the solution
  • Participation in one of MIT Solve’s flagship challenge events
  • Exposure to the G20’s Infrastructure Working Group and Multilateral Development Banks
  • Ongoing support from the GI Hub and MIT Solve 
  • Exclusive access to infrastructure resources and networks
  • Global media coverage as the InfraChallenge winner